June 2012


Membership Meeting Minutes

7 June, 2012

Attendance: Bergevin, Brown, Butkus, Christian, D’Etcheverry, Goodwin, McGreevys, Orlowski, Reynolds, C Taylor, Willises, Cook (A), Livermon (A), Apperman (H), Guests John Edwards, Darren Kincaid, Tom Grigsby. Total GPYC (16)

The meeting was called to order at 1917 hours by presiding office Vice Commodore Mary Ann Martin.

The toast was deferred to the end of the meeting.

The minutes of the 5 April meeting were accepted as distributed by the Secretary.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $661.88 and an anticipated year-end balance of $1,211.00. He reminded members of the availability of YCA cards.

The Vice-Commodore thanks to P/C Willis for his efforts in support of the Blessing of the Fleet. Also we had our report of the successful work day, with thanks extended to all 23 who supported our efforts.

George Christian discussed the OpSail Cruise plans for June 8 – 10. He also distributed Cruise Booklets for the annual cruise set for 22 June – 1 July. Other future activities include Fireworks Cruise and Raft Up on 3 July and a Dock Party in late July or August.

Cruise Captain Orlowski gave a report of the Warwick Yacht and Country Club cruise of 18 – 20 May. The racing at the end of the weekend was excellent. Racing Chair Butkus presented the 1st place award to John Edwards and the Best Tether award to Tom Grigsby. The times, according to the Chair, was very close.

There was no unfinished business. Under new business, Orlowskip moved, seconded by Goodwin, that we purchase a plaque (not to exceed $50) for Lou DeMarino, past commodore who will be relocating to Florida in the near future. Motion carried.

Under announcements and requests, we were told of the program in place by HRSD to come to GPYC and pump out our vessels on a regular basis. We should contact Sean and let him know we have a need. Efforts are to be made to make this a regular program and to maximize HRSD’s presence with multiple boats using the service. Goodwin will check with Lou DeMartino to determine his departure date. When determined, a going away gathering will be announced and held at the Club or on the docks.

The GPCA club manager found that 3” decals for GPYC can be acquired at a cost of about $3.50 for the club. A recommendation was made to offer them first to see if there is sufficient interest in purchasing them. The cost per decal would probably be $5.00.

In honor of the bi-centennial celebration of the beginning of the War of 1812, Mark D’etchevery sang “Lord Grenville” by Al Stewart.

Meeting adjourned at 2000 hours.

Frank Brown, Secretary