March 2012


Membership Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2012

Attendance: Blesse, Brown, Butkus, Christian, D’Etcheverry, Geist, Ham, Horne, Martin, McGreevy, Mikulas, Orlowski, Taylor, Willis (14)

The meeting was called to order at 1916 hours.

The Vice-Commodore relinquished the presentation of the Toast of the Evening to Jeff Horne.

The outgoing Secretary, Barbara Geist, was recognized for exemplary service and was presented a gift of appreciation by the Commodore.

The Commodore introduced the new officers Frank Brown, Secretary and Jim Blesse, Activities Chair. Chair Blesse was given a flag appropriate to his position to fly on Lucky Us.

The Secretary provided a summary of minutes from the 3 November 2011 Membership meeting and the 24 January 2012 Executive Committee meeting. The Secretary also announced that the vote taken to modify the bylaws ended with no passage due to a failure to achieve quorum of voting. The changes were described again and the process whereby we will announce the vote 2 weeks prior to our meeting will be used to address the changes.

The Treasurer reported that our winter party was over approved budget from 2011 by $105. Butkus moved, seconded by Orlowski, to pay all bills associated with the function. Motion passed.

YCA cards are in, available and 8 sets were sold. The YCA cards will be made available to any member of the GPYC, not just boater club members.

The Vice-Commander addressed our work day that is coming up in April. She reported that the Pump Station situation has not changed. Other recommendations for the day’s work include string Bird String and staining the wood that was used in the 2011 project of upgrading the playground for the Yacht Club.

Activities co-chair Butkus reported that Sailing races begin 1 April 2012, on Sunday afternoons.

Activities co-chair Blesse introduced the activities for the year and afforded all an opportunity to sign up as Event Captains. Several local activities in addition to the annual summer cruise were introduced and Event Captains determined. The three dock parties will be held and hosted as follows: 16 Jun (Martin); 21 Jul (D’Etcheverry); 15 Sep (Horne).

Event captains Barbara and Rod Geist handout out the Land Cruise materials. 11 couples total will be participating at one time or another during the weekend cruise.

The Commodore presented gifts of appreciation to the Willises for the Grand Illumination and the McGreevys for the Winter Party. Thanks also extended to all who supported these Event Captains.

Announcements included that Warwick Yacht and Country club has a new director, Lindsey Lindsey.

Under new business, a suggestion was proffered to develop a “History of the Commodore”, including lists of those who have served and the activities of the Club over the years since our inception. No formal motion was made but the idea will be addressed by the executive committee.

Under announcements and items of interest, Willis suggested looking into the recently released movie “Sailing Morning Light” (Disney issued) regarding the travel from California to Hawaii. Also, Blesse brought up the idea of “burgee swapping” with other Yacht Clubs that we visit and the availability of Burgees will be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 2030 hours.

Frank Brown, Secretary