April 2012


Membership Meeting Minutes

5 April, 2012

Attendance: Bergevin, Blesse, Brown, Butkus, D’Etcheverry, Geist, McGreevy, Orlowski, Taylor, Willis, Cook (A), Apperman (H), Goodwin (Guest) (13)

The meeting was called to order at 1919 hours.

In the Absence of the Vice-Commodore, Past Commodore Willis offered a Toast to all the intrepid souls who sail the seas.

The minutes of the March 1 meeting were accepted as presented by the Secretary. The Secretary also announced that the changes to our Constitution would be finalized and the vote on that change would take place at a regular meeting of the club. Proxies will be created if necessary to ensure a quorum. The two areas of consideration are the Terms of Office and an update of the Committees.

The Secretary announced that Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) will be available at the marina the afternoon of our workday, 14 April. VSCs are also available by contacting the Secretary. Various aspects of the safety check were discussed. Also, if a person locates in Virginia and has taken a NASBLA-approved (National Association of Safe Boating Law Administrators) safe boating course, you have reciprocity. But it was suggested to apply for and receive a lifetime Virginia Safe Boating Card ($10 one-time fee).

The Treasurer reported a year-beginning balance of $838.00, income of 160.00 (YCA membership) and expenses of 236.22, resulting in a current bank balance of $761.88.

He reminded members of the availability of YCA cards; 2 were sold at this meeting.

The Commodore extended congratulations Treasurer Mark and Debbie as they celebrated their 25th anniversary. Mark spun a tale of the trip of In Concert to a wonderful anniversary week.

Activities co-chair Blesse reviewed our activities status and will forward the calendar to the Secretary to distribute to the membership and have posted on the Website. Our first “shake down” cruise is May 19-20 to be with our friends at Warwick Yacht and Country Club in Newport News. Several weekend activities are also planned this year. Members were reminded that many of our activities can be reached by boat or car so emphasized participation either way.

The Annual Blessing of the Fleet will take place at 1500 hrs, Memorial Day (28 May)

Land Cruise event captains Barbara and Rod Geist reported a successful event. 22 members attended.

Activities co-chair Butkus reported that Sailing races began 1 April 2012 and 4 more will be held this Spring. After a week off for Easter, races begin again on Sunday 15 April.

The Commodore reported the following items:

Spring Cleanup is set for 14 April, beginning at 8:00 am. We hope to complete our work by noon. The following things will be addressed: Bird Wire, Replace Boards, Replace Cleats, Paint Sealer on the Playground equipment (last year’s biggie!!) and Pain the Board Display Care.

Efforts will be made to create a history of the club including the background and the Commodores who served in the past.

A suggestion was made to create a “yearbook of activities” (actually 2 years of activities was recommended) and place it in the Club for folks to review and hopefully pique interest in becoming part of the group.

The commodore reminded folks that Alan and Clyde were still diving and cleaning boats at GPYC. Alan Noey can be reached at 804-200-9416.

Under unfinished business, the question of reciprocity agreements was still open and will be addressed by the Commodore. The OpSail 2012 program was mentioned and George Christian will have a plan for our participation by the next meeting. Availability of GPYC decals and burgees will be review with the Club Manager.

There was no new business.

Meeting adjourned at 2036 hours.

Frank Brown, Secretary