The organization shall be known as the GATLING POINTE YACHT CLUB BOATERS’ CLUB, hereinafter also referred to as the Boaters’ Club.




The primary purpose of the Boaters’ Club shall be to promote the enjoyment of boat ownership, cruising and sailing by:

A. Providing a venue for its membership to organize and conduct social activities and marina events, conduct cruising and racing programs and promote safe recreational boating within the marina facility and local waters.

B. Maintaining close ties and facilitating dialogue on behalf of the membership with the Gatling Pointe Yacht Club (GPYC) management in order to pursue common objectives.

C. Working with GPYC management to extend and maintain bi-lateral reciprocity agreements with other local yacht clubs.




A. REGULAR MEMBER. Regular membership in the Boaters’ Club is open to:

  1. GPYC members who are slip owners or slip renters in the marina.
  2. GPYC members who are boat owners mooring in other marinas

Regular members are eligible to vote and hold office.

B.  ASSOCIATE MEMBER. Associate membership in the Boaters’ Club is open to any GPYC member who is on the waiting list for an available slip at the GPYC marina. Associate members are eligible to participate in Boaters’ Club activities but will not have voting rights and cannot hold office.

C.  ALUMNI MEMBER. Any former Regular member will have lifetime alumni membership in the Boaters’ Club. Alumni Members will not have voting rights and cannot hold elected office.

D.  HONORARY MEMBER. Any individual deserving recognition for support of club objectives may be given Honorary Membership at the discretion of the Commodore. Honorary Members will not have voting rights and cannot hold elected office. Honorary Membership is limited to a one-year term.

E.  PARTICIPATION. All members are expected to meet participation requirements as specified in the Bylaws.




Boaters’ Club dues shall be fixed by the Bylaws.




A.  GENERAL. Officers shall be regular members in good standing. The elected officers of the Boaters’ Club shall be the Commodore, the Vice Commodore, the Secretary and the Treasurer.


  1. COMMODORE. The Commodore shall act as a liaison with the GPYC Management to achieve open and continuous communication between the Boaters’ Club and the GPYC. He/she shall represent the Boaters’ Club and GPYC externally with other yacht clubs, appoint committee chairpersons, direct the activities of the elected and appointed officers, conduct membership meetings and officiate at social events, and notify all members via email of any pertinent issues or events that may arise between meetings. In addition, the Commodore shall liaise with local Maritime Law Enforcement Agencies and the USCG Auxiliary officials on behalf of the membership.
  2. VICE COMMODORE. The Vice Commodore shall act on behalf of the Commodore in his/her absence. In addition, the Vice Commodore shall welcome new marina slip holders in coordination with GPYC management and promote Boaters’ Club membership; arrange for a lecture program for regular meetings as directed by the Commodore; plan, organize and execute disaster preparedness activities on behalf of the membership and maintain and provide for proper stocking of the Boaters’ Club dock box.
  3. SECRETARY. The Secretary shall maintain open records of discussions held at the Boaters’ Club and executive council meetings, maintain the Boaters’ Club Web Page on the GPYC Web Site and maintain the Boaters’ Club membership roster by both accepting renewals from the membership at the beginning of the boating year and by updating it as necessary thereafter.
  4. TREASURER. The Treasurer shall provide effective stewardship of Boaters’ Club funds, maintain accurate records of Boaters’ Club expenditures and report budgetary status at regular Boaters’ Club meetings. All books and records of the Treasurer may be available for review by any member at regular meetings.

C. ELECTION. The preceding officers shall be elected for two-year terms with no limitation on the number of terms an individual can be elected. The terms for the Commodore and Secretary will start at the beginning of odd numbered years. The terms for the Vice Commodore and Treasurer will start at the beginning of even numbered years. Elections will be held in late fall or early winter to enable installation at the first regular meeting of the year. All regular members are eligible to run for office. An appointed election committee chairperson will efficiently distribute a ballot to all regular members and collect votes. A majority of votes will decide the election. (Amended 6 April 2006)”





The Executive Board shall consist of the following members: The Commodore, the Vice Commodore, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees, the previous Commodore and the GPYC Manager. They will meet at least annually in the early winter to develop the strategic plan for the upcoming year.


  1.  CRUISING COMMITTEE. The Cruising Committee shall be co-chaired by powerboat and sailboat chairpersons. They shall be responsible for overseeing the preparation of the proposed cruising and social schedule, and submitting the cruising schedule to the Board for approval. They shall present the cruising schedule to the membership and shall coordinate the scheduling of cruises and social events. They shall recruit Cruise and Dock Party Captains who shall coordinate the individual cruises and social events.
  2. RACING COMMITTEE. The Racing Committee Chairperson shall arrange Boaters’ Club races and facilitate the participation of membership in other racing events. He/She shall provide input into the Cruising Committee’s annual schedule.
  3. DAYBOATER COMMITTEE. The Dayboater Committee chairman shall be responsible for overseeing the preparation of the proposed dayboating events and related family social events. He/She shall provide input of these activities into the Cruising Committee’s annual schedule. He/she shall coordinate the planning of such events and recruit captains to lead in their execution.


  1. NOMINATING COMMITTEE. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Commodore. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of officers for the ensuing year. No nominations are to be presented without the consent of the nominee.
  2. OTHER SPECIAL COMMITTEES. Other special committees may be appointed by the Commodore as needed.



A.  GENERAL MEETINGS. Meetings of the general membership will normally be held on the first Thursday of each month at the GPYC.

B.  EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETINGS. Meetings of the Executive Council to supplement the winter meeting shall be called by the Commodore as necessary.




A change to the Constitution or Bylaws may be proposed by any regular member at any membership or Executive Council meeting. When the proposal is prepared for a vote, the Secretary shall send a copy of the proposal to all members at least twenty (20) days in advance of it being put to a final vote at a general meeting. To be adopted, the proposal must be approved by a majority of the regular members as established in the Secretary’s roster.




The Constitution and Bylaws shall be in the governing rules of The Gatling Pointe Yacht Club Boaters’ Club.

Acting Commodore:    Ed Zurey                 Date:   March 31, 2004   

Secretary:     Bob Yoos               Date:  March 31, 2004